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Libbey Glass, 200 Year Anniversary Collection
Libbey Glass, 200 Year Anniversary Collection
Blown Glass
Dimensions Variable

In celebration of Libbey’s bicentennial, the Toledo Museum of Art (TMA) and Libbey Inc. are collaborating on a limited-edition set of glassware called Libbey’s 200th Anniversary Commemorative Collection.

The four designs, created by Robert Zollweg, creative director at Libbey Inc., are inspired by the Libbey Modern American series from the 1940s, and include a punch bowl, serving bowl, pitcher and serving platter.

Utilizing the traditional offhand glassblowing technique and blown out of clear glass with cobalt blue feet – a color that can evoke a sense of regal elegance – the glassware is handblown by Glass Studio Manager Alan Iwamura